Due to rising numbers of COVID-19 infections in our community, NHO strongly encourages the use of medical-grade masks for patients and visitors. If you do not have a medical-grade mask (3-ply surgical or procedure mask) we will be happy to provide one for you at the clinic. See any NHO team member for assistance. Thank you for helping us keep each other safe!

Group of NHO staff in blue shirts

More NHO Team Members We'd Be Lost Without!


They will schedule your first appointment, having learned your physician's nuances so they can fit you into that perfect spot, and with considerations for the other departments that may want to spend some time with you as well. These organized and delightful individuals will consider your entire situation as you prepare for your first visit to our office. 



This delightful group of individuals will get to know you, greet you by name, and serve as your advocates to help facilitate your needs. They do a lot of behind-the-scenes work to get your visit prepared before you arrive, then will collect and enter your information efficiently to get it into our systems to serve you promptly. Lastly, they will assist you with your scheduling needs and make certain your questions have been answered. They consistently receive praise from our patients for their caring and welcoming approach.



Our billing office staff is comprised of experienced, dedicated staff that goes the extra mile to assist our patients with the complexities of insurance authorization, billing, and claim resolution. We have dedicated patient advocates to assist in exploring foundation and drug assistance opportunities. They are trained specifically in oncology billing procedures and attend continuing education opportunities to stay apprised of the latest coding and billing guidelines. 



Our skilled team takes great care in drawing your blood and reporting accurate results. They strive for excellence and this is acknowledged by our continued approval by CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments) certification. The objective of the CLIA program is to ensure quality laboratory testing. Clinical laboratories must be properly certified to receive government and private insurance payments.



This team keeps the flow moving and order restored for day-to-day operations. These individuals are ensuring the orders are getting entered (at NHO and at other clinics/hospitals), will take your vitals, and maintain records of your information. These knowledgeable individuals play a large role in keeping you informed and the information in your records in a very organized manner!



Our nursing staff is extremely committed to their profession and their oncology specialty is reflected in the fact that many hold certification (OCN-Oncology Certified Nurse) through the Oncology Nursing Society (ONS), and all are required to complete a chemotherapy and biotherapy course based on ONS guidelines. Upon successful completion of this course, they are awarded a chemotherapy-biotherapy provider certificate which is renewed on an annual basis. The nursing staff is here to assist you with education, scheduling, ancillary testing, administering your treatment, and ensuring that all of your questions have been answered to your satisfaction. Our commitment to quality is reflective of the fact that our office was the first oncology practice in the state of Nebraska to be certified by the American Society of Clinical Oncology, Quality Oncology Practice Initiative (QOPI). This certification demonstrates our continued dedication to “best practices” which provide for greater safety for our patients as well as adherence to accepted clinical treatment guidelines. To become certified, practices meet core standards in all areas of treatment, including treatment planning, staff training and education, chemotherapy orders, drug preparation, patient consent and education, safe chemotherapy administration and monitoring, and assessment of patient well-being.



NHO's phone "command center" is a very special area that has been strategically developed to direct all outside calls away from the front desk. The command center is vital to NHO so the primary focus can be on you, the patient, in addition to your call being answered in a timely manner by a knowledgeable individual, who is able to answer your question with minimal diversion, if at all. This area rarely has any downtime and is amazing to watch in action!



These individuals take a lot of pride in knowing that they are able to make a difference in the lives of our patients when it comes to their medications. Whether taking a moment to explain insurance terms or spending many moments with insurance providers on the phone pushing to get your medicines here, cutting the time it takes to start your medicines, mitigate your costs and headaches messing with it yourself. These lovely individuals are staying on top of your prior authorizations, financial assistance forms, drug interactions, side effects, missed doses, etc., and keeping your best interest in mind with the assistance of our pharmacists, creating an overall caring and competent team.