Two Nurses


Our team consists of professional and caring persons who are driven to make a difference in the lives we touch each day. Are you compassionate, welcoming, self-motivated and possess a strong work ethic? If so, then we want to hear from you.

Please submit a cover letter and resume to:

Linsey Hulbert
Human Resource & Regulatory Compliance Manager
4004 Pioneer Woods Drive
Lincoln, NE 68506

Clinical Care Team

This role specializes in performing selected nursing and/or clerical duties as directed by physicians, professional nursing staff and/or administration. Coordinating the visit, treatment specifics, and facilitating a smooth visit for the patient and coordinating provider. Will establish many great relationships with patients, utilize your hustle and organizational skills, and provide you with a rewarding career!

Patient Phone Triage

The first individual that patients reach when phoning the clinic. You are able to efficiently connect the individual directly with the individual that can assist to their need and make a huge impact on patient care. Your attention to detail and ability to critically think during busy moments make all the difference for the patient on the other end!


As a NHO pharmacist you're able to play an integral part of patient care. Frequent interactions from your patrons allow you to formulate relationships in this setting that are unique to this industry. If you have a large attention to detail and are driven by team successes and heart-fulfilling daily interactions, this position may be something that speaks to you!

Registered Nurse

The role of the oncology nurse is an integral member of our team who is vital to the success of our ability to care for a special patient population. This individual will require the ability to compassionately and effectively communicate with the patient and their families and support team. A strong work focus is required to deliver professionalism and teamwork. Nursing skills to effectively assess, plan and carry out comprehensive care plans.