For the health and safety of our patient population, NHO continues to require masks for everyone in our facility. For all COVID-19 information, please click HERE.

Patient and Nurse holding hands

Your Care

The quality of care that patients and their families receive at Nebraska Hematology-Oncology is made possible through the teamwork of highly qualified Oncology professionals. NHO offers the same expertise you find at many national cancer centers. Our dedication and personalized approach to each and every patient allows us to treat you as a whole person. And our compassionate staff includes financial counselors and patient advocates that are ready to guide you through any uncertainties that may come your way. 

At NHO, we don't just treat cancer, we provide you with all of the support you'll need to conquer it. With our very own on-site pharmacy and lab, you'll be served more quickly and efficiently with these support services under one roof. With our in-house Research Department, NHO keeps its physicians abreast of the latest developments in cancer drugs and treatment protocols to give patients as many cutting-edge options to treat their disease. And with staff dedicated to genetic screening and counseling NHO is able to help patients make informed decisions about testing and treatment in relation to their genetic condition.