At this time, masks at all NHO facilities are OPTIONAL. However, we ask that any person in our facilities experiencing cold, flu, or respiratory symptoms continue to wear a mask throughout their visit. Thank you! For more about our mask and visitor policy, please click HERE.

Financial Services & Patient Advocacy

The process of battling cancer is complicated—not only in treating the disease, but in other ways as well. There are many disruptions to the usual family and work routines. Dealing with insurance and financial issues may be time consuming and stressful. Maintaining optimal nutrition levels is sometimes challenging.

At Nebraska Hematology-Oncology, we provide support and advocacy for patients and their families as part of our mission of caring for individuals with cancer. We have dedicated staff that assists with insurance, Medicare, and financial issues, as well as helping those with no insurance apply for drug assistance programs. We also provide a wide variety of resources that help patients and families develop positive ways to deal with the emotional, nutritional, and schedule-balancing challenges that often accompany cancer care.

At Nebraska Hematology-Oncology, we:

  • Assist uninsured patients with applications to drug assistance programs to receive free or reduced-cost medications.
  • Assist with application to co-pay assistance programs
  • Utilize Medicare Part D by helping to obtain information regarding co-pays and deductibles on oral medications
  • Assist patients in obtaining medications that are only available through specialty pharmacies
  • Meet with patients about financial obligations, helping those with no insurance understand the cost of treatment and become aware of financial assistance programs for which they may qualify