Due to rising numbers of COVID-19 infections in our community, NHO strongly encourages the use of medical-grade masks for patients and visitors. If you do not have a medical-grade mask (3-ply surgical or procedure mask) we will be happy to provide one for you at the clinic. See any NHO team member for assistance. Thank you for helping us keep each other safe!

Cancer Detection

We all know the importance of healthy lifestyles, but no matter how well we care for ourselves, we cannot always prevent cancer. The next best thing you can do to protect your health is to detect cancer early.

Getting regular checkups, being aware of cancer symptoms, and performing self-exams are valuable tools in the fight against cancer.

Everyone should have basic cancer screenings appropriate for their age and gender. Regular screenings lead to early diagnosis, and early diagnosis is one of the key factors in successfully treating cancer, and potentially curing cancer. Ask your family doctor what cancer screenings are appropriate for you and your family.

  • Common cancer screenings
  • Skin cancer - visual exam
  • Cervical cancer - pap test
  • Breast cancer – self exams, mammogram, clinical exams
  • Colon and rectal cancer – colonoscopy
  • Prostate cancer – PSA blood test, digital examination
  • Oral cancer – ask your dentist

For complete information on cancer prevention and detection, visit the American Cancer Society website at www.cancer.org