The First Steps

Cancer can be a frightening disease, especially to newly diagnosed individuals and their families. To ease fears and make the fight against cancer more manageable, we recommend:

  • Learning about cancer
  • Understanding the treatment options available
  • Coordinating all aspects of treatment, both in our facility and with other specialists.

At Nebraska Hematology-Oncology, our physicians, nurses, and staff work together to provide complete cancer care. We coordinate every aspect of care including:

  • Diagnosis analysis
  • Developing a comprehensive treatment strategy
  • Involving patients in clinical trials when appropriate
  • Providing insurance, financial, and drug acquisition support

As an independent oncology clinic:

  • We work closely with all Lincoln hospitals, other cancer care specialists, and health care professionals.
  • We provide complete chemotherapy treatments on site.
  • We offer our patients a wide array of support and patient advocacy services.
  • If surgery, radiation therapy, or other treatments are needed, we recommend the most appropriate resources and coordinate communication to ensure you are receiving precisely the treatment you need, when you need it.